MORE WORK Games is an initiative that aims to publish new and old games as revisited versions for the ATARI VCS2600 console collectors community. Our mission is to help game developers to make their creations available worldwide, adding value to their work and contributing to keep alive the console’s history.

The ATARI VCS2600 is a video game console designed by Jay Miner and released in 1977 in the US and in 1983 in Brazil. Seen as a cultural symbol of the 80’s it was a huge commercial success in Brazil from 1984 to 1986. Its game titles remain in the memory of many who were kids at that time.

L. Camara, D. Prestes and F. Nunez.
[ MIS – Museum of Image and Sound of Sao Paulo ]


Design and Programming: L. Camara and F. Nunez
Hardware: D. Prestes.
Design and Text Advisor (Translation): V. Pecaibes
Songs and Diary Illustrations: L. Camara.
Further Translation and Proofreading: C. Oliveira
Video Editing: L. Juswiak

L. Camara, M. Alberton, D. Prestes and V. Pecaibes.
[ Credits: Lucas Juswiak ]


Software Redesign, Design and Illustrations ( * ): L. Camara
Hardware and Translation: D. Prestes
Design and Text Advisor: V. Pecaibes
Executive Advisor: M. Alberton
Website Translation: C. Oliveira
Further Translation and Proofreading: L. Bruno
Video Editing: L. Juswiak

MORE WORK thanks those who contribute to disseminate and preserve the memory of ATARI VCS2600.

Thanks Ken e Roberta Willians, Sierra On-Line Inc., Rorke Weingandt, Tigervision, Nolan Bushnell, Jay Miner, e Atari Inc. for allowing us to meet and have fun with the 1982 Marauder. Thanks Larry Miller and Activision for allowing us to meet, influence, inspire and have fun with games like Enduro. Flavio Nunez, Viviane Mello, Amanda Magnone, Michele Andrade, Heitor Maciel, Carolina Pecaibes, Marcus Garrett, Lucas Juswiak, Cristiano Matos, Régis Mendes, Gustavo (Gtronix), Victor Emmanuel, Rafael Cardoso, Edson Godoy (VGDB), Eduardo Loos (RetroSC), Alexei Barros (Old!Gamer), Sergio Curti, Tarcisio, Marino Mux, Jesse Hardesty, Gert Maisonave, Andre Vogt, Eduardo Sa, Lule Bruno, Carlos Mascarenhas, Juliano Coelho, Claudio Oniki, Fabricio Crocodylan, Antonio Borba (TomBrazil), AtariBrazil Forum, VGDB (Video Game Data Base), RetroCambuci, RetroSC, MIS (Museum of Image and Sound of Sao Paulo), PUC-SP, Jogos 80 magazine, Warpzone magazine, Old!Gamer magazine, batari Basic Team, Fred Quimby (bB), Duane Alan Hahn, Random Terrain, Alienbill, The Stella Team, Keith Vetter/Rob Kudla, Matti Virkkunen e Jeff Wierer (Hack-O-Matic), Edwin Blink (Bit Hacker), Atari Age and to all the VCS2600 fans around the world who keep playing ATARI VCS2600 today, thank you very much.

If you have developed a VCS2600 game we can help you to release it in Brazil, one of the biggest video game markets in the world.

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