– In the starts, stay in a straight line for a few seconds and only change the direction of the car to overtake your opponents.

– The faster you drive the car [ HI gear ], the better your result will be in the rally ranking.

– Be very careful with the obstacles of the race! You may have trouble to go through them.

– When you collide with an opponent or obstacle, keep the vehicle centered in the start-up to pass between opponents without being cut off.

– Avoid doing any maneuvers when passing between two quadricycles. It’s too risky!

– Certain people drive better listening to music. Other don’t! Turn off the car radio [ Color/B-W switch ] if it is stealing your attention.

– At the end of the third stretch of each round [ near to destination city ], the terrain has less obstacles. Accelerate to achieve your goals and break the rally records.

– Sometimes the vehicles of the other teams run in pairs, opening the way. Take this moment to achieve good results.

– Observe the marks that I made on the map [ on the backside of the Team Sheet ] during my research on the territory and watch out for the surprises in the race.


– It is advisable to check the information of each stretch shown on the display before starting. This will keep you focused on the goal.

– By stretch, your car performance will be 130 Miles at low gear [ LO ] and 255 Miles at high gear [ HI ] if there is no collision during the course.

– The car is very well regulated and presents great conditions for the types of terrain that you will find ahead. In any case, it is not advised to run in low gear [ LO ] for a long time.

– If you want to improve your performance, choose one of 4 rounds [ ON/OFF switch ] to practice and get to know the stretch before start the competition.

– If you feel you are not doing well on a given stretch, you can restart the current race [ press the RESET switch ], as long as you have not yet achieved the required minimum miles. If you have already reached the goal of the stretch, the RESET will place you in the Starter Gantry of the next race, not giving you the opportunity to break records to register in the Performance Report.

– Use your knowledge of race cars, keeping attention on the details of the competition, and get a better performance in the last races of each round.

– Fill in the boxes of the Performance Report and discover if you’re close to break all rally records! [ PRINT THE PERFORMANCE REPORT ]


– Drive always by alternating side movements, so you can surpass other competitors without hitting them. [ F. Nunez ]

– If you run straight some competitors will go up on you! [ F. Nunez ]

– In the pair of bikers, with their quadricycles, focus only on the left biker. When you are near him, divert slightly to the right that you will be able to pass between them easily. [ F. Nunez ]

– Do not distract yourself by observing the Sun (or the Moon), attach only to the cars in front of you. [ F. Nunez ]

– When the Distance Viewer alarm is triggered, you will only have 10 seconds before the race ends. [ F. Nunez ]

– Running on the sides of the track may not be a good strategy. [ L. Camara ]

– The racer made important notes on the pages of his Diary. Please carefully review the information contained therein and you will be ahead of the other competitors. [ L. Camara ]

– Crossing information from the User Manual, Racer’s Diary and the Map you’ll find the solutions for breaking records and earning Bonus in each of the Stages! [ L. Camara ]

– Check carefully the table of the Performance Report to know possible records in each Stretch. [ L. Camara ]

– Each Rally Stage has a Bonus. [ L. Camara ]

– So far no one has been able to score the game in any of the Stages. [ L. Camara ]

Good luck!


– Pay attention to the bikes. They are the most dangerous opponents. [ Claudio Oniki – Sao Paulo/SP ]

– Stay calm and do not despair if you collide at the beginning of the races. Many times you can go well at the beginning and get lost in the end. [ Claudio Oniki – Sao Paulo/SP ]

– Hit the gas and avoid crashing! [ Heitor Maciel – Campos dos Goytacazes/RJ ]

– The best strategy during the first stage is to zigzag. [ Andrius Capelao – Porto Alegre/RS ]

– Whenever two cars come down together on the left side of the screen you better try to pass between them by doing a small movement to the right and then back to the left. Left, one, two, right. [ Marco Lazzeri – Belo Horizonte/MG ]

– Try to keep your car on the left side as much as you can. [ Marco Lazzeri – Belo Horizonte/MG ]

– Stay on the center of the screen whenever possible and do the zigzag. [ Marcus Garrett – Sao Paulo/SP ]



Stretch: 2 minutes and 15 seconds [ each ]
Round: 6 minutes and 45 seconds [ each ]
Full Rally: 27 minutes


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