A: A NEW MARAUDER is a game (physical cartridge) redesigned for ATARI 2600, produced in 2015 for fans and collectors of this console.

Q: Do I need an ATARI to play it?
R: Yes. You need to have a console/device compatible with the ATARI Video Computer System (VCS2600) to play it. * See exceptions below.

Q: What is included with the game?
A: The game comes with Box and Cradle to properly accommodate the cartridge; Instruction Manual in Portuguese in a booklet style with 12 colored and illustrated pages printed on coated paper; Exclusive white case Game Cartridge; Card advertising the upcoming releases of More Work Games; Booklet with the English translation of the Instruction Manual in 4 colored pages printed on coated paper; Booklet to write down records (Log Book) with 4 colored pages printed on coated paper; Cards from More Work.

Q: Does the game have a limited edition?
A: Yes. The first edition is limited to only 50 numbered copies, especially dedicated to collectors and VCS2600 fans. Don’t miss yours!

Q: There will be other titles in the series?
A: Yes. More Work is working to release new games soon.
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Q: In which video game consoles does this game work?
A: A NEW MARAUDER is designed to be used with video game consoles compatible with ATARI VCS2600. It has been tested on various models of brazilian clone consoles (Atari 2600 and 2600-S Polyvox, VG-2800 CCE Supergame, VG-8900/9000/9100 Dismac Series, Sayfi Dactari, Milmar Dactar, Milmar Apple Vision, 007 Milmar Dactar, Dynacom Dynavision and Microdigital Onyx Junior) as well as on a couple of american consoles (Atari VCS Heavy Sixer, Atari 2600 “Darth Vader” and Sears Video Arcade II). 
This game is intended for collectors, so it is understood that the consoles of such collections are in minimal working and playability conditions. More Work Games can not be held responsible if the game doesn’t work properly on devices different from those listed or on those in poor working conditions.
If you test it on another console that is not cited above, please feel free to give us a review on this.
WARNING: Consoles with poorly implemented A/V output mods may show slightly different colors on the TV screen.

Q: What is the color system of the game?
A: The game is for NTSC systems. At this moment More Work Games has no intention to release PAL versions.

Q: Does the game run on the Atari 7800 console?
A: Yes. A NEW MARAUDER also works on Atari 7800 systems.

Q: Does the game run on Atari Flashback 2?
A: A NEW MARAUDER wasn’t tested in modern consoles as Flashback 2 (adapted with cartridge connector) or portable clones (handheld) made at home. Please, let us know if you have tested the game in such systems.
WARNING: Although it is suposed to work properly, we haven’t tested the game on the following consoles: Atari VCS Light Sixer, Atari 2600 (Woodgrain 4 keys), Atari 2600 Junior, Sears Video Arcade (I), Bit Corp. BIT-7000, VG-3000 and VG-5600 CCE Supergame.

Q: Does the game run on devices with built-in games or the TV Games types?
A: A NEW MARAUDER was tested in only two TV GAME appliances. One with 192 games built-in and other without any games in memory and it worked normally on both consoles. However, More Work is not responsible for the improperly functioning of the game in any other device of this type (like brazilian “Milmar Multijogos” and other similar consoles, usually made in China).
Please note that some devices with built-in games, even if they have the connector for cartridges, internally they may not have electrical connection with the system.
Again, let us know if you test it on such consoles.

Q: Does the game works on the Megaboy Compact from Dynacom?
A: Yes. It has been tested on two different models of Megaboy.


Q: How do I buy the game?
A: You can buy it through eBay, by accessing one of the two links below:
Δ Cartridge A NEW MARAUDER without the T-shirt
Cartridge A NEW MARAUDER with exclusive game T-shirt

Q: If I’m not comfortable on buying it on eBay, is there any other way to buy it?
A: Yes. You can also buy the game A NEW MARAUDER and/or the Exclusive Game T-shirt by clicking the BUY link on this same website.

Q: How do I pay?
A: The payment, when the purchase is made through the More Work site, is processed by the PayPal service. If you choose to buy through eBay, the payment will be made through PayPal too.

Q: Can I buy the cartridge loose, without the rest of the material?
A: No. Once it is an item intended for collectors, the material is not sold separately.

Q: Can I change the color of my cartridge?
A: No. All A NEW MARAUDER games comes on a white cartridge specially made for this edition.

Q: Can I choose the serial number of my cartridge?
A: No. The games are sent in accordance to buy requests order so it is not possible to choose the number of the cartridge you will receive [Be aware that only the first 50 units are numbered].


Q: Will I get my cartridge at home?
A: You will receive the complete game set at the address you provide during the purchase, so it is very important that you do not forget to provide your full and correct name and address (Street/Avenue, Number, Complement, City, State, Country), including ZIP CODE (revised) for the delivery to be made as fast and safe as possible, in accordance with your request.
We are not responsible for the cost of resend, if there is any kind of return by the mail service (incomplete address, invalid address, non available people during delivery, etc.).

Q: When the postage is made?
A: The games are sent on the Tuesdays following the purchase and only after confirmation of order/payment, regardless of the type of shipping chosen.

Q: If the mail service damage my product during shipping, what should I do?
A: More Work is not responsible for damages on the game (and its additional material) due to the mail service. All cartridges are individually tested and stored properly before being sent to the buyers.

Q: Can I return the cartridge if I give up on the purchase?
A: Make sure that you actually want to make the purchase before you confirm the request, so you will avoid inconveniences. Please buy with confidence.

Q: Where do I buy an ATARI console today to play A NEW MARAUDER?
A: Currently there are many sites that sell antique video games. Find what you want on eBay and enjoy it!

If you have any other questions, please contact us by e-mail: contato@morework.com.br
It will be a pleasure to help.
Thank you!