– Each game scenario has 720 different combinations for the labyrinths. If we consider all the 4 game scenarios, we will have 2,880 combinations of Maps. Trying to memorize this possible paths won’t help much in its mission.

– Every Station has 6 Sectors. Learn to move quickly in each one of them and memorize for which side the access leads. This way you’ll be one step closer to mastering the game.

– The 6 Sectors are distributed within the Stations as it follows on each map: two horizontal segments, with 3 Sectors each, arranged in parallel and interconnected by its extremities [ = = = ]. Remember! Only one of them hides the Power Center.

– You start the game with only one life, so the first thing you have to worry about is getting more Marauders (Extra Lives) for your mission. If you do not take this attitude quickly, any shot can be fatal.

–  Always head as fast as possible to the Sector where the Power Center is and destroy it, without losing too much time with the Enemies. That way you get a great score at the end of each conquered Wave.

–  In more advanced Waves, always enter shooting in the rooms and corridors that you intend to cross, even if you are using a Special Resource. You never know for sure when it will run out.

–  If you finish with all the Enemies of a Sector the Special Resource no longer appears at that location. Be careful!

–  Each Special Resource collected is one less Enemy for you to duel in that Sector, on a next incursion to the local.

–  Whenever the Reset key is pressed, you will see very briefly what is the exact position of the Enemies in the Sector in which you start the game. Use this to your advantage. In this same way you also will be able to find out if a Special Resource is in this same Sector, as you realize that one of the enemies flashed differently from others.

–  When the enemies’ shots flash on a different color, it is a sign that a Special Resource is located in the Sector which you are. Explore the corridors and you will surely find it. This trick, however, does not apply to the Power Centers’ zone.

– If you are going towards a Special Resource with only one Marauder (Extra Life) and you are hit by an enemy shot, and still get the resource, you won’t lose the Marauder nor will be eliminated from the game.

– The Enemies attack with two types of shots composed of two interspersed colors (one in the color of the Enemy and other in the color of the Scenario). If you are hit by a shot of the same color of the background after hit the Power Center, you won’t die, even if you possess only one Marauder. You won’t have the same luck if hit in these same conditions by a shot of the enemy’s color.


– When there is a blackout in any Station Sector you can adopt two strategies: Going back to where you came from and follow the other way (though it can now also be dark now!) or exit and return by the same access that you entered and try your luck in the hope that the light has returned. But that’s not always going to work as you expect.

– In the Transmission Robot zone it’s possible to cross the shots barrier, that a Sentinel Robot will be shooting at you through one of the walls, without having to resort to the Marauder’s Hideout [View Solution in the Instruction Manual], but this maneuver is very risky. If you have rescued a Prisoner Marauder, your problem will be solved.


– It is much safer to navigate through the underground city (under the displacement pipes).

– You can adopt the strategy of duel and eliminate all the Patrol Ships to be able to fly over the planet’s surface more quietly, but this also can consume a lot of time. Pay attention to your Energy Indicator.

– In more advanced waves the Special Resource is critical to move forward. As soon as you rescue a Lost Pilot, fly to the Patrol Ships that you find ahead and destroy them. By doing this “housecleaning” on the planet, it will be easier for you to search the city when you’re without the protection of the Special Resource. On the other hand, your chances of finding another resource decreases a lot if you eliminate most of the Enemies in the Invaded Areas.

Find 16 more hints of this game in the Instruction Manual.

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